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Zebra TC21 Scanner (Wi-Fi) (EU)

Zebra TC21 Scanner (Wi-Fi) (EU)


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The Zebra TC21 is a top-of-the-line mobile computer designed for businesses looking to improve their operations and productivity. This device is perfect for a wide range of industries, including retail, hospitality, healthcare, and logistics.

With its sleek design and durable construction, the Zebra TC21 is built to withstand even the toughest environments. Its advanced features ensure that it can handle even the most demanding applications with ease.

The Zebra TC21 also comes with a range of intuitive features, including a user-friendly touch screen and an Android operating system that is easy to navigate. With a built-in barcode scanner, this mobile computer is perfect for businesses looking to improve their inventory management and streamline their point-of-sale systems.


Zebra TC21 Spec Sheet

Scan engine

RFID Ready?

The RFID-ready model supports RFID

Rentman license


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TC21 TC21 RFID-ready
Mobile Computer Handheld Computer Mobile Computer Handheld Computer
Operating System Android 11 (upgradable to higher versions) Operating System Android 11 (upgradable to higher versions)
Connections Wifi, Bluetooth Connections Wifi, Bluetooth
Memory 3GB RAM Memory 4GB RAM
Display Size "5 Display Size "5
Barcode Scanner SE4710 1D/2D imager Barcode Scanner SE4710 1D/2D imager
IP Rating IP67 IP Rating IP67
Drop Spec 1,2 Meter Drop Spec 1,2 Meter
Battery Standard Battery Battery Standard Battery
Storage 32GB RAM Storage 64GB RAM
Other Options Other Options 8-Pin Connector Back I/O connector
Brand Zebra Brand Zebra

This product supports RFID