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RM2 RFID Hardtag (100 Units), 865-868MHz

RM2 RFID Hardtag (100 Units), 865-868MHz

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The RM2 RFID Hardtag is a smaller version of the RM3 RFID Hardtag. Where the RM3 RFID Hardtag is suited for almost everything due to its reading distance, the RM2 RFID Hardtag is specifically designed for smaller objects that don't require a big reading distance.

Due to the fact that the RM2 RFID Hardtag is smaller than the RM3 RFID Hardtag, it is possible that you will have to open up flight cases for it to be scanned with an RFID scanner.

- Per 100 units.
- RM2 22x8x3.5mm.
- Works on- and off-metal.
- IP68 (Water-/Dust resistant).
- Compatible with Rentman software.


RFID Ready?

Rentman license

RFID doesn't work with legacy licences. Equipment Tracking add-on is required.


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